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PAGGS is an international twin town cooperation involving Guides, Scouts, Boys and Girls Brigade from the following towns - P - Paisley (Scotland) A - Apeldoorn (The Netherlands) G - Gagny (France) G - Gladsaxe (Denmark) S - Sutton (England) - - Minden (Germany) - - Wilmersdorf (Germany) - - Pardubice (Czech Republic) It started as a leader’s conference in 1970 between five twin towns with the first letters P-A-G-G-S.

The conference was a success, with many new friendships made, it became annual event, with the towns taking turns hosting the conference. After a while the concept was expanded with a camp instead of a conference every other year. Today new towns have joined in, but the original name still sticks.

The trip to Scotland for the Young Leaders Camp, was an amazing experience. I got to know so many other leaders from so many different cultures, and seeing how different it is being a scout around the world inspires me to see there's always place to change the scouting work. I've made a lot of great friendships over this trip, and will keep the contact going both with the danish, the dutch, the scothish and the english scouts and guides for a long time. Cant wait for next time I'll see them all again.

The PAGGS camps

The PAGGS camps is for children of the age 13-18 years. (the age limits may vary from camp to camp) Adults can participate as either leaders or staff. A camp is usually ten days in late July / early August. Around 200 guides and scouts participate.



is the name of the leader’s conferences, which was earlier known as TWITOCO (Twin Town Conference).


The Young Leaders Camp

YLC is the camp for young guides and scouts, primarily between 18 and 25 years. The idée of YLC is a camp with action, where you can do activities you can’t normally do, and without having to prepare anything yourself. – A camp for those who normally do camps for others. The camp is five days in Easter.

YLC is awesome because you get to meet the rest of the PAGGS youngsters in another context than on the PAGGS camps where you are all having all sorts of obligations and haven’t really got time to socialize with others your age. At YLC its all for you and you get to have fun and be the participant instead of the leader in charge. Add a lot of new friends and exciting experiences and you have an awesome camp.

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